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Whether you need to create a new meeting room with adequate soundproofing levels or a whole new department, partitions are an easy way to transform your existing space so that it continues to work for you and your business.

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What Are Office Partitions?

Office partitions are a quick, easy and cost-effective way to divide up your office space. From simple partition ‘walls’ to beautiful curved glass meeting rooms, partitioning comes in all shapes and sizes. With years of experience we have the expertise needed to completely transform your office with partitioning systems to suit your needs.

From glass partitions to office screens, here at Heruli we provide premium, affordable office partitioning to a comprehensive range of businesses. Whether you require demountable glass partitions which can be moved as your business grows or acoustic room dividers, we can find a solution to suit your individual requirements.

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We care About Aesthetics

Partitioning systems are not just a practical solution to an issue such as noise or a growing workforce. A new office partition can completely revamp your workplace and create a bold design statement. Glass partitions especially create a sleek and modern feature within an office that is bound to impress visitors and give that all-important professional feel.

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Installing glass partitioning allows staff to break away from the main office but still feel included in the surroundings. When that extra level of privacy is needed, there is a huge range of acoustic partitioning solutions available that can ensure no sound is transferred from room to room.

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